1. Purpose: The support page for the cardiology course website is designed to provide students with additional resources, information, and support related to the course.
  2. Target Audience: The support page is aimed at students who are currently enrolled in the cardiology course.
  3. Format: The support page will be in the form of a curated list of resources, including FAQs, tips, and external links.
  4. Content:

    a. FAQs: Provide a list of frequently asked questions related to the course, such as:

    • What topics will be covered in the course?
    • What are the prerequisites for this course?
    • How can I access course materials?
    • How can I contact the instructor?
    • What are the grading policies for this course?

    b. Tips: Provide a list of tips to help students succeed in the course, such as:

    • Attend all lectures and take detailed notes.
    • Participate in class discussions and ask questions.
    • Stay on top of assignments and readings.
    • Seek help if you are struggling with course material.
    • Prepare for exams by reviewing key concepts and practicing with sample questions.

    c. External Links: Provide a curated list of external links to additional resources related to the course, such as:

    • Online videos and tutorials related to cardiology topics
    • Websites and blogs related to cardiology and cardiovascular health
    • Organizations and associations related to cardiology research and practice
  5. Organization: The content will be organized into sections based on the type of resource (FAQs, tips, external links).
  6. Design: The support page will have a simple, clean design that complements the rest of the website. The use of colors, images, and icons will be kept to a minimum to avoid distracting from the content.
  7. Navigation: The support page will be easily accessible from the main menu of the cardiology course website, with a clear and descriptive label. Users will be able to navigate to specific sections of the support page using a table of contents or a scrolling menu.