1, Anomalous Left main Coronary artery in Acute Coronary Syndrome

2, A patient with crescendo angina for 3 days and angiographically severely diffused triple vessel disease. 

3, A patient with ACS, window period is more than 10 days crashed  in a minute on the table due to myocardial apoptosis.

4, Losartan Potassium revisiting in Hypertension management 

5, Complication in Primary PTCA with Acute Coronary Syndrome

6, Management of Chronic Stable Angina in Current Practice.

7, Catheter Broken during CTO of  LM distal angioplasty

8, Cerebral Protection Device in TAVR significantly reduces stroke rate

9, Emerging Trends in the Management of STEMI

10, Retrograde Left Common Carotid Angioplasty in Takayasu Arteritis- CTO of LCCA

11, Noval oral Anticoagulant use beyond Atrial Fibrillation

12, Papillary Muscle Dysfunction with LV aneurysm in IWMI

13, Takayasu Arteritis in 14 yrs old Girl with Descending Aorta Stenosis-80%

14, Diffusely Diseased Multi- Vessel Coronary Artery Disease Angioplasty

15, First time in the World, ACS with Left Main Total Occlusion Angioplasty in the year 2012

16, Intravascular Ultrasound is used to detect Left Main Distal lesion in Chronic Stable Angina

17, Azelnidipine in Advanced care of uncontrolled Hypertension, HFpEF and Chronic Kidney Diseases